Basque Country

Gobierno Vasco

Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in the Basque Country:
The Basque Country is an Autonomous Community with 2 million inhabitants, located at the northern border of Spain with France. With its own language, a marked cultural uniqueness and substantial political autonomy; it has its own government, competences and its own fiscal policy.

In the Basque Country, the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) represent 9% of its industrial fabric, 8% of its employment and 2% of its Gross Added Value (GAV).

At different levels, both the Basque Government (with the involvement of different Departments) and the Regional Governments and Local Councils have promoted and set up instruments, strategies, financing, availability of spaces, etc, but without losing sight of a multidisciplinary focus and encouraging the setup of support and research networks, as well as its own cluster in the audiovisual sector and regional Creative Europe Agency (Desk Euskadi Creative Europe).

Donostia-San Sebastián, European Capital of Culture for 2016 is another milestone for the promotion and support for the Basque cultural and creative sector, reinforcing its European dimension.

The European dimension and the internationalisation are main aspects and working together the Basque Government, the Desk Euskadi Creative Europe, the Basque Regional cultural promotor agency (Instituto Etxepare) and the Basque Government Delegation to the European Union.


The audiovisual industry in the Basque Country:

The audiovisual sector represents 30% of the cultural sector and 48% of the employment in the sector.
The audiovisual industry in the Basque Country is mainly built around the Basque public television broadcaster (EITB) and its international projection pivots on festivals, among which we should highlight the San Sebastián International Film Festival, though the companies in the sector are likewise grouped in their own audiovisual cluster (EIKEN).