Silvia Costa

Is President of the CULT Committee of the European Parliament.
During the past term she has been rapporteur for the European Parliament of the Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020
She has been Lazio regional councillor responsible for education, educational rights and training (2005-2009); member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies for three parliamentary terms; member of the Committee on internal affairs, the Committee on culture, science and education and the Committee on general guidance and monitoring of radio and television services (1985-1993).
State secretary at the Ministry for universities, scientific research and technology (1993-1994).
She has been chair of the European advisory committee on equal opportunities during the 1996 Italian Presidency of the EU and head of the EU delegation to the annual session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (1996).
Co-founder of the ‘Telefono Azzurro’ NGO for missing children; member of the board of management of the Donne in Musica Foundation (2002-2005). President of the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome (1995-2005).