Nichi Vendola

Nichi Vendola’s biography

Was born on August the 26th 1958 in Bari. He did his degree in Literature and Philosophy. He is journalist and author of the volumes “Prima della Battaglia” (Milano, 1983), “Soggetti smarriti” (Roma 1991) and “Il mondo capovolto” (Datanews, 1994).

He was member of the Catholic Association Azione Cattolica in his homwtown, Terlizzi (Bari). He is leading member of the Lila (the Italian league against AIDS) and of the ArciGay.

In 1972 he joint the FGCI (Federazione Giovanile Comunisti Italiani – Young Communists Italian Association) and he was member of the national secretary between 1985 and 1988.

In 1990 he joint the Central Committee of the Italian Communist Party (PCI).

After the dissolution of the Italian Communist Party, he was co-founder of the Rifondazione Comunista party and he became member of the National Directorate.

He was elected for the third time to the Chamber of Deputies in 2001 and he was vice-president of the Antimafia Commission, member of the regulatory board and member of the Commission of EU Policy and Environment.

At the moment, he is national spokesman of the Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà party.

He was elected as President of the Regione Puglia in 2005 and he won the election again in 2010.

Public Offices

President of the Regione Puglia (2010 – 2015)

Responsible for the working group agriculture and rural development of the CRPM Intermediterranean Commission (ongoing)

Member of the Steering group of the DG Clima (European Commission) on Adaptation to Climate Changes (since December 2010)

Member of the Committee of the Regions:

Member of the ENVE Commission (climate changes, sustainable development and energy)

Member of the CIVEX Commission (External Relations and Constitutional affairs)

Political coordinator of the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform – Sustainable growth (since June 2010)

Rapporteur of the opinion (ENVE Commission) on “the role of regional and local authorities in promoting sustainable water management” (Adopted June 2011)

Rapporteur of the opinion (CIVEX Commission) on “Migration and Development: a global approach” (2012)

Member of the Euro- Mediterranean Assembly of local and regional authorities (ARLEM)

Member of the SUDEV Commission (Environment and Sustainable Development);

Rapporteur of the opinion (SUDEV Commission) on “The relationship between desertification and climate change in the Mediterranean” (adopted January 2012)

President of the Interregional observatory on cooperation and development (O.I.C.S.) (elected in 2006 and in 2011);

Founding member of “R20 – Regions for Climate Actions”, promoted by the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and coordinator of the R20 – Puglia – AER Mediterranean Action Plan on renewable energies and efficient use of resources

International Awards

Award (First Prize) – Category: Employment for the European Regional Champions Award 2008” of the European Parliament and of the Committee of the Regions for the regional law n. 28 of 26/10/2006 “contrast to black work” – Bruxelles 2008

International Tourism Award for the best portal of touristic promotion “the Public Administration that you can see – TV talks to you” - Milan 2009

International Award for European solar “Innovative Renewable Energy Model”, European best practice in the renewables sector – Berlin 2010;

National Award for the PNI Innovation for regional policies of Research and Innovation - 2010;

eContent International Award for the regional policy of bureaucratic and administrative simplification

Innovation and Security International award. International fair of technology for the security.