Tamara Nikolić Đerić


Society managed Museums: Synergy between heritage, society, innovation and creativity

The Istrian Region is determined by a rich cultural and natural heritage shaped for centuries by its multiethnic reality. Today’s cultural policies rely on this heritage at the same time developing innovative tools in managing, recreating and reinterpreting our culture.
One of Istria’s projects best reflecting these principles is Ecomuseum Batana.
The Batana Eco-museum is a society managed organization which through its varied research programs based on knowledge, respect for cultural heritage and dialogue, inclusion, innovation, its interdisciplinary approach and use of multimedia evaluates, protects, interprets, recreates, presents and communicates tangible and intangible maritime heritage and actively reinforces the cultural identity and uniqueness of Rovinj as a pleasant place to live for all of its residents and as an unique destination for all of its visitors.
Many awards and the nomination on the UNESCO list for Best practice in safeguarding intangible heritage speak up for Ecomuseum as organizations meeting the needs of contemporary societies evaluating and safeguarding their heritage. Nevertheless this is not the end of the successful story behind the Batana name. By creatively engaging local population Batana develops tourist content and products in line with sustainable development-based concepts and increase of living standard. Exhibitions, concerts, boat tours, traditional gastronomic evenings and publications produced by local fishermen, designers, artisans, historians, ethnologists end vendors attract numerous guests searching for an authentic experience of Rovinj, traditionally also known as The humble sea woman.

presentation Tamara Nikolić Đerić

Tamara Nikolić Đerić’s biography

(1983.), holds degrees in ethnology/cultural anthropology and indology. Since 2008 has been working as curator for the Ethnographic Museum of Istria. Along with other Museum activities she started and still runs the frst Ethnographic film festival in Croatia, ETNOFILm. Since 2014 Nikolić Đerić collaborates as professional program manager with Ecomuseum Batana and founds the association FARO11 dedicated to the promotion of creative industries in Istria-Croatia.
She is PhD candidate at the Department for Ethnology and Cultural anthropology at the University of Zagreb researching topics on working women, her work being entitled Women and industry_ Private and Public sphere of Rovinj women. She is author of various professional articles dealing with museology, ethnology, anthropology and indology and economics. She is also author of various exhibitions. Fields of interest comprise feminist studies, visual and economic anthropology, cultural management and museology.